Facts About Testosterone Boosters

As we age, many things improve. We often have jobs or businesses that are better and more secure, we know what we want out of life, and so on. But our bodies change and for those who want a body that looks good, things like muscle building become a bigger challenge. Since the hormone testosterone is what is most associated with muscle growth, many of us wonder what the facts are about testosterone boosters.

Specifically, these are supplements made of herbal extracts that are designed to increase your levels of testosterone. These herbs work in two ways. Some serve to increase the body’s testosterone. The others serve to block hormones that would otherwise convert testosterone into estrogen. The combination of these two actions is designed to help you build stronger and bigger muscles faster, and to recover more quickly after a workout.

What Are The Best Herbs To Increase Levels Of Testosterone?

Fenugreek is a herb mostly found in India and used in curry. This herb has clinical evidence to support that its use gives prolonged increases in strength over those given a placebo. Those who took this during testing were also found to have increased in their total lean body mass. It was found that many didn’t have as prolonged plateaus as those not taking the herb.

Zinc, Vitamin B-6, And Magnesium
Taking this combination in a formula known as “ZMA” is a supplement designed as a testosterone booster. This natural supplement is used both as an aid to sleep more deeply as well as balancing hormones in the body to increase testosterone.

Intense workouts often deplete the body of needed magnesium and zinc, and these things are not always replenished as much as needed. Not having enough of these elements in the body allows an imbalance of hormones, causing levels of cortisol to increase and often leads to decreased performance during workouts.

In controlled studies, those taking this supplement increased their levels of testosterone by more than 30% compared to those who took a placebo. Those on ZMA also increased their overall strength by 2.5 times more than those not on ZMA.

This amino acid helps the body to change cholesterol into testosterone. Some studies have shown as much as 40% increase in testosterone in as little as two weeks of taking the amino acid. This supplement is believed to be especially good for aging men who have lower levels of testosterone due to aging.

Use Supplementation In Conjunction With Weight Training
Obviously, supplements alone are not enough to improve muscle mass. In conjunction with these supplements, it is necessary to utilize a good resistance training regimen. To find out more about these supplements, read some test booster reviews and get the full scoop.

Some studies suggest that starting with things like squats, bench press, and overhead press followed up by isolation training produces a more effective result. Keep your workouts under an hour, but during exercise reduce the amount of time you rest between sets. These shorter workouts with shorter rest periods have demonstrated being more effective than other workout regimens.